You Really Think You’ve Cut the Cord? Give Me a Break…

Are you a cord cutter?

Have you taken the plunge?

So many tell me they have…

Yet…frankly I am confused…

Exactly what cord are we talking about?

Read about Apple’s upcoming announcement

Examine all the options we have as cord cutters and someone please tell me exactly what cords do we think we are cutting???

We have never been more tethered than we are today.

The cord you cut was replaced by another cord…an insidious cord….a cord that will track you and sell you and use you and lull you into complacency…all for the promise of a cut cord and more/better content.

Look – I am all in here – cords cut and cords connected and new cords on the horizon.

And all I want is great content – when I want it – the ability to browse and watch and access live news and events and such…

And I will – I have sold my soul.

But folks, we are not cutting any cords…

That is Digibabble nonsense and frankly demeans us all…

I found my muse in the following…Listen:

I invented the cordless extension cord. Steven Wright

And there you have it – we are hyping the cordless cord…but there are still strings attached.

What do you think?


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