You either have integrity or you don’t

You either have integrity or you don’t. Seems most, if not all, of us are in agreement. And integrity and accountability crawl, walk, and run hand in hand. Again, I’d say, based on your comments, that we have a fair degree of concurrence on this point. So my final question in this series is this: If you have integrity, where does it ladder up to? Or do you just keep yourself siloed and isolated on your little island of honor – like a Robinson Crusoe, waiting for the serendipitous landing of a likeminded individual?

Here is my take – almost by definition integrity demands that you change your environment. That you influence your peers, create an atmosphere conducive to truth and honesty, and that you, under no circumstances, allow your surroundings to affect you in a negative way.

In fact, I’d argue – will in fact argue – that the following quote says it all:

“Truly great companies are built on ideals, not just deals.”
–Al Watts

Check any list of the best places to work – anywhere in the world – and I am ready to bet that you will find a company built on ideals – and a company built on ideals supports people with ideals and you get the point.

Ask yourself – does your integrity extend upwards and outwards and embrace and cajole and nudge and teach and occasionally push until you have created an unbroken chain of ideals? Or do you stay in your corner, keep your head down, and watch the deals go by?

Your call…now what do you think?

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