You Are What You Eat

Facebook doesn’t make you happy….

So says a recent study released by University of Michigan researchers and printed in the journal PLOS.

To me this has always seemed sort of obvious….

We have lost sight of what it means to be really connected and we confuse machine terminology for human emotion.

Frankly I am more curious about Google…that is, Google as a proxy for ease of access to information.  Does that access – by default – make us smarter?

I have written about the limitations of machine learning before and the truth is, the Facebook study reignited my curiosity about the magical outcomes we tend to associate with digital sources…happiness, smartness, popularity, hooking up….

Truth is – though – what really inspired me was the book I read to Henry and Teddy…my two grandsons…before they went to sleep tonight.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers (a favorite author of ours) is about a boy who actually eats books…increases his smarts…very quickly…until he eats too many too fast – and the jumble of information causes him to mix it all up and he loses it all…and then begins again…this time reading…one book at a time.

As I pondered the message, I came across the following from another favorite…listen:

“The multitude of books is making us ignorant.”  Voltaire

Ponder that…read Jeffers wonderful book and then look at the millions of options you have every time you search – for anything – and ask yourself if like the little boy, it isn’t worth it to “take just a bit longer.”  Find the best source and really read….

Particularly if Facebook isn’t making you any happier…LOL!!!

What do you think?



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