Ya Win Some…

Ya win some, ya loose some.. We all know that maxim. In fact, I’m sure many of us have invoked it from time to time. But I’d like to suggest that far from being comforting, it is in fact meaningless – or should be to us. Read on..

The concept of win some, loose some is too “Karmaish” for my taste. Somehow, it suggests that there is a win-loose balance. As if victory or defeat just happens and can’t be affected, influenced or changed.

It seems to me that just the opposite is true. And what makes it even truer in my book is while winning can never be guaranteed, I will bet you that loosing can!
Think about it. You do your best, you prepare, you work hard, you believe. You might get close but no cigar, or you might pull the gold ring and hit the jackpot.

On the other hand, if you are not prepared, you don’t work at it, you take a sloppy attitude, you will certainly loose and you will definitely not make it.

And so it goes.

But here is the key – if you accept it as Karma, it will always be what it is. But if you refuse to give up and demand victory – without guarantees – nothing will ever stop you. And you know what? Eventually you may just win.

As follows:

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
Margaret Thatcher

And there it is. In our personal or business lives it’s the same. Loose a new business pitch, learn why, and go back after it or another just like it. Get rejected, listen, learn and go back again. (A friend of mine is happily married with 3 kids to a person who rejected him 3 times – hey.)

Patch up the scars, take a deep breath and plunge back in. Make it happen. Don’t just let it happen to you.

Some very, very interesting responses to the thought of experience and learning. I have chosen two, and will share the essence of each. (A Blog is on its way so that we can all share.) Dr. Tom Osborn of Sydney boils it down to “A good PR plan and an insurance policy is not enough.” Think on that !!

Niranjan Jayaram helped inspire this week’s thought: “The smart one is the one who can still take the positives of every situation and move forward. The more smart ones we have the better the world becomes.”

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