Wrong and Right

What does it mean to be right? How do you know?

I guess if you are playing a trivia game or adding columns of numbers (unless you are a theoretical mathematician, then don’t ask…), it is as clear as black and white. Sometimes.

In our business? It’s a tough call. How often are you ready to throw yourself on a sword because you have the only right answer to a marketing problem; the sole solution for a promotion; the one and only resolution to an acquisition or retention need? Frankly, speaking personally, it’s not often that I would…

If you can’t be right, can you be wrong? Of course, you can – ask my daughters… But if you are intelligently wrong, if you are I took the risk wrong, you can get closer and closer to being right by listening and applying and learning and evolving.

I’d strongly argue the only way to being right—the path to accurate answers… the straight line to true understanding—is through trial and error, with failure leading to success.

Having said that, there is worse than wrong…listen:

This isn’t right. This isn’t even wrong.
~Wolfgang Pauli

See the point?

If you don’t listen, if you don’t learn, if you don’t apply best practices and best thinking, if all you do is think you are right, then you can get so far off base that wrong starts looking right.

So, maybe it’s OK to be wrong as long as it’s for the right reasons!


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