What I mean is, WHY?

In other words, WHY?

You see, I think we often get caught up in the “sureness” and “rightness” of our arguments but don’t spend enough time explaining the WHY – the benefit, the advantage, the gain, the win.

Apply the simple tests – think of all the issues that you are passionate about; read any amalgamated news report in any channel; reflect on that last client brief you wrote – I have no doubt you will see the obvious (to you) issues as black and white, oppressed and oppressor, what for sure will work and what for sure won’t…

And yet somehow the rational appeal to sheer intelligence – to pure brain power – doesn’t seem to cut it.  If it did – what an easy job we’d have and what a better place the world would be.

Seems to me that we miss the WHY…in other words, we miss the emotional connection…the reason I need to care, do, believe.

The facts and just the facts work for Sherlock Holmes most of the time (students of the canon will know that he even he succumbed), but not for the great majority of us. We want raw, unmitigated, emotional connections that might not jive with the details but for us imperfect and quivering bundles of nerve endings and synapse jumping complete and enhance the story.

Examples abound, but one of the greatest might be the election of President Obama in the United States – while his opponents threw facts, he created connections – see where I’m going?

Here is one of my favorite sources…listen:

If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.
Benjamin Franklin

WHY?  Insight.  Keep pushing the WHY – ask WHY – get an answer – ask WHY again – and ask WHY again — until you are so subatomic you can go no further.

At that point you might have an insight – an appeal to interest – an emotional nugget that will help you connect.  And if you connect, your persuasion will be that much more important, critical, powerful.

WHY? You tell me…

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