Why do bad things happen?

The past week I have seen talking heads pontificate on the school massacre in Connecticut USA sure of their own why:

Not enough prayers in schools

The teachers didn’t have their own guns

Video games are too violent

Autistic children can get violent

Divorce can be rough on kids

We don’t have enough spirituality

Not enough security in schools

The list goes on…

So do bad things…

Copy cat killers; little girls getting shot in Afghanistan; worshippers being blown up in their places of prayer…too much to document…we are inundated by violence and baseless hatred every day…and consequently we are inundated with the “WHY sayers” – the politically correct and politically incorrect pundits who are expert “WHYers” and sadly there seems to be no lack of occasion or audience for them.

My friend and teacher Sam K – who has inspired my ramble on a number of occasions – pointed out yesterday that silence is not acquiescence and that acceptance is not submission – to the contrary – but rather than worship the pseudo religious/philosophical/sociological/psychological babble of the “WHYers” and the handwringers — we need to become part of the doers and changers by putting aside politics and religion and whatever to make change happen.

The sound of silence becomes a powerful force of society and not a sad excuse for inaction.

Mark Twain said it best…listen:

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

And there you have it – time for active silence—for using religion to stop the bad not explain it – for using politics to end it not debate it – for using the media to rid ourselves of it not spread it – for action more often than words.

At this time of holiday for so many around the world – and if it’s not your holiday for respect of others – I end with this thought…listen:

“My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”  Thomas Paine

We talk about the small world we live in – the Generation World we are all a part of…My hope for the New Year is that we can find universal common good – by doing…

So bottom line – do not ask why or even why not – just do…

What do you think?

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