What would you do if your computer crashed?

What would you do if your computer crashed? How about if your smartphone ran out of juice? The microwave blew a fuse? Or if, God forbid, you lost your Internet connection?

What would we do? Some of us (yes – me too) can’t keep our fingers off our mobile devices and start getting the shakes if we sit in a meeting where they are prohibited. I added the microwave scenario because I have a friend who has never, ever turned on the burner on his stove – and has lived in the same place for years.

So what would you do? How would you cope? Get work done? Eat? …

I am serious – think about what you do – at work, at home, at play –  and how you would get stuff done if you had to do it without today’s tech. Clearly – someone once managed!

Think about business – eBay – could it exist without the Web? I say, yes. Amazon? Think hard on that one.

How about your personal relationships – how would they fare? In fact, think twice about those.

I am no Luddite – I think of myself as more a bleeding-edge toy type – but I do believe that we need to stop every once in a while and ask the question seriously – and with passion – so that we don’t lose touch with the basics – the way things work – the primal drivers of our lives.


If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.

Latin Proverb

Seems to me – we need to grab the oars occasionally just to stay real…

What do you think? I’m busy rowing.

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