What was the most important event of the decade?

What was the most important event of the decade?

No doubt one of the most asked questions around the world as people gathered to ring out the old and welcome in the ‘10s.

And, no doubt, depending on where we live, what’s important to us, what we’re passionate about, what riles us, excites us, arouses our ire, inspires our ardor, causes us sorrow, brings us joy or just simply catches our imagination – our answers are all different, as personal and diverse as only what comes from within can possibly be….

It was hard to escape the writings and ruminations of the pundits who seemed obsessed by returning to that different world we lived in at the start of this century, when our biggest fear was Y2K – hard to imagine in retrospect the headlines of doom and destruction around that particular end of the world scenario – from the most prestigious publications and the most thoughtful writers – worth a BING – if only for the laugh and a reminder of how little the analysts get right….

So here we are – ten years later – Twitter and all – and it’s often hard to tell in all the change – what has really changed – or rather what has changed that really makes a difference…what do you think?

And, at the end of a year of turmoil and no small amount of global gloom – my cynical nature looks at a guy trying to murder his fellow passengers by blowing up his underwear as an ironic summation of a crazy and unsettled time.

And there you have it – the old is out and the new is in.

So where does that leave us – beyond longer lines at airports and wondering about seat mates who spend too much time in the lav?

Seems to me it’s all about what you consider “new” to mean and how we handle the “newness” of it all.


Let us watch well our beginnings, and results will manage themselves. ~Alexander Clark

And there you have it – with the old out and the new in – it’s all about getting started – leaving the old behind, embracing the new and launching fresh, innovative and original thinking, actions and activities.

It’s all about creation – “In the Beginning….” Get it right at the start and all of our energy will be channeled into keeping it fresh and new as opposed to constantly fixing and repairing and coming from behind….

In fact I believe that is what this means – nothing manages itself – not really – but if we are cognizant that we can begin again – and do it – and keep doing it – well, my sense is that we will always be looking at new beginning – and what a place that is to be….

So here is to new beginnings – 365 days of them….

Your views?

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