What Have You Learned Recently?

What have you learned recently?

What new facts, statistics, truths, information and other proofs of concept have you assimilated and added to your own library of knowledge?

Allow me a question – what is learning really about?


Is it voracious reading? It once was.

Is it endless memorization? It once was.

Is it filling up your brain with facts, statistics, truths, information and other proofs of concept? It once was….


Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
Malcolm Forbes

Where once we were rigid in our definition of education and where once the path to learning was clear in that it was mapped down to the last half mile – the problem today isn’t getting lost – the real issue is missing all of the alternate routes and maybe even worse, all of the alternate destinations.

And let me be clear – the issue isn’t digital vs. analog – far from it.  Getting bogged down with a closed and cluttered mind is actually more of a problem today than it ever was.  It’s way harder to determine source credibility, accuracy of reporting and citation…way harder to separate the great from the mediocre…way easier to fill up on great-tasting but empty, mind-filling calories than to suffer hunger rumbles because you leave space for more.

Knowledge has become a metric, and like all metrics it’s merely a measurement – wisdom should be your end goal – it’s what you do with it that really counts.

It’s harder than ever to keep an open mind – harder than ever to buck the crowd – but that should be our purpose – our goal – the endgame isn’t what you know, it’s how much more you are ready to learn.

What’s your view?

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