What have you bought for the holidays?

What have you bought for the holidays? More than last year? The same? Less? Did you bargain hunt? Negotiate? Wait out the best price? Pass up on what you really wanted to buy?

Do you feel more confident in the global economy? In your local economy? In your business?

What do you predict 2010 is going to bring?

Me? My proverbial crystal ball remains cloudy…in fact it’s in a total fog. But I do know one thing – if I follow the CW (read last week) of the analyst community, I wouldn’t have to worry about the fog or the clouds or even a little smoke – seems they have the answer.

Check the news on commerce. Analysts are shocked. They all predicted lower sales…less retail action…fewer folks out shopping.

But here is the great news – they don’t let that stop them – you can rest easy – know they are using their great knowledge and insight to discuss the whys and wherefores.

So the very folks who missed the downturn, didn’t predict the severity of the problem, and were clueless about nearly everything – are still pontificating and, by the way, it looks like they will be pulling in big bonuses.

So what’s the lesson?

On the one hand – if my cynicism was firing on all cylinders – I’d say – learn from what looks like a best practice, go with the flow, follow the CW and quickly jump on its next round…looks like no one is paying attention anyways.

Or I might say – be bold and brave and have the guts to know what you don’t know and, therefore, always have a Plan B – because you never know.

Seems to me that in the long run, it catches up – being unaware and in the dark quickly makes you a commodity – way too many people are crowded into that corner.

Know what you know and know it well. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot to you. Surround yourself with people who know what you don’t and become that same resource for others.


Have the courage to be ignorant of a great number of things, in order to avoid the calamity of being ignorant of everything.

Sydney Smith

I’d rather say I don’t know and find someone who does. Who knows? Had others had that courage, maybe the world would be in a better place today.

I take this to heart – personally – as we enter the holiday period that so many of our friends and colleagues from so many countries and religions are in or preparing for.

If we open our eyes – really open them – if we don’t get blinded by CW, inertia, the need to seem smart, in control – if we can stand up and learn and share that learning and be receptive for more – think about what we can accomplish personally, in business, anywhere.

Stand up for selective ignorance and avoid the trap of being totally unaware.

How’s your courage quotient?

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