We know everything about you

“We know everything about you…!”

Sounds like one of those old B movies about some totalitarian country or another, where the bad guy leans over the hero or the heroine (it’s always a bad guy…) and threatens him or her with implied mounds of information. This also always begs the question why torture, but read on the answer might be near…

It’s also the cause of much angst today as Google and others make similar claims – although not in black and white and without the ubiquitous cigarette smoke.

Every week new companies appear on the horizon touting some new technology or another – technology whose application will lay all bare, give us everything we would ever want to know about consumers and strip away all the secrets…

No wonder the average Joe/Joanne resents intrusions of privacy – even implied threats of intrusion. No wonder Google is the cause and target of a growing conspiracy industry that attributes everything from mind slavery to Global Warming to the newest evil empire.

So here is the good news. Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker don’t have to come out of retirement – yet. You see all of the information – all of the so called facts, all of the feared invasion of personal privacy – does not yet amount to much in real terms.

If it did, would we do anything, anywhere other than Google? Would we shop for anything anywhere other than Google? Would we eat, sleep or drink anything but Google?

Why do completion rates on the Web hover around 4%? Or said another way, why do we leave 96% of all deals on the table?

Could it have something to do with all that information? Maybe it’s not what they think it is. Maybe they don’t use it right. Maybe…

Think on this notion:

“It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated.”
~Alec Bourne

Computers are only as good as we are. And the application of information is only as powerful as we can make it. Most important, we are human and don’t behave like machines or follow business rules in our daily lives…

If we can store our minds with a million facts – computers can store them with billions upon billions – I leave the rest of this thought to you…

What do you think?

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