We IM and BBM

We IM and BBM. We Tweet. We Blog. We SMS and MMS. E-mail. V-mail. We video conference and Halo. We publish our views and our take on the news. Scream about our right to privacy…but we let it all hang out.

We start rumors, correct them, and then start new ones. We forward nonsense and complain when we get spammed. We talk about interactivity but really mean what I send you.

What’s missing is old-fashioned listening. Listening…as in someone talks, you assimilate the information, analyze it, ruminate, and then respond hopefully to add value to what might become a conversation.

For some reason we confuse the technology of reading others’ rantings, ravings and even good writing with the true art of listening and learning.

Way too often I hear people pontificate on some great insight gleaned from “listening” to some bloggers or posters, which, when taken in context or really analyzed, is meaningless or meaningful in a completely different way. Ways you would have understood, in a flash, if you had the benefit of real conversation.

If we are to be successful, really successful in this new age of “unlimited” communications opportunities, we are going to have to separate mere technology – an ever-changing landscape – from the deepest truths of the core human experience.

To that end I have gone to a source that will still be here when Twitter is a mere footnote and PCs are long forgotten.


Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.

William Shakespeare

And there you have it…listen. The more you do – the more powerful the response.

Your view?

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