We Are Confronted With Insurmountable Opportunities

 Facebook and Twitter have brought down tyrannical governments.

They have also ruined lives.

We are learning to harness the power of renewable energy – the wind, the sea, the sun.

Yet we are still hostage to the terrible and often destructive forces of nature.

We believe in the potential for technology to make the world a better place for all.

But it’s a two-edged sword, and those who would destroy it believe in the same technology.

And we link the demise of Osama bin Laden to lofty values and virtues.

While former Governors and current Ministers flaunt their shaming lack of ethics and morals.

The human dichotomy, I guess…the old Giveth and Taketh that we know so well from the Western religious tradition.

Seems to me that we are at a crossroad – once again – that is familiar to humankind.

The intersection of what is and what can be. The place where we look to the future through the eyes of the present with the thoughts of the past – and debate with ourselves if in fact we can actually change the status quo.

I don’t mean can we use Facebook better or find a new way to monetize 4Squared or decide which screen is really the most important or which tablet will win out.

I mean – can we actually end the inequality; can we really do without oil and coal; can we finally feed the multitudes; can we stop killing each other?

Now – lest you think I am a total flake – I too am consumed with how to use Facebook better and I’m nuts to find ways to monetize new applications; I give speeches all about my view of screen focus and I’m a bleeding-edge beta user of every new toy I can get my hands on.

But here is the thing – I see it as all connected.

The way I see it – that crossroad has a huge wall in front of one of the choices. Huge. A wall of possibilities so big and tall that the open road, the easy-choice road seems more enticing – after all, you still crave that great 3D screen, a new handset and who knows what kind of tablet – not to mention you’re fully linked, to a myriad of social apps, including Facebook.


“We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.” – Walt Kelly

I love this thought. Insurmountable opportunities….

Not obstacles, not barriers, not barricades – just a wall of opportunities so big and tall that just climbing it – or maybe looking for its door – would open up vistas we can’t even dream of.

So do we dismiss the truly great opportunities as being insurmountable?

Or do we climb…?

Who knows…

And we can still take that killer tablet with the killer apps on the journey – no one said we can’t have fun on the way…!!!!

What do you say?

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