War is hell

What is it about war that we can’t seem to let go?

You would think that by this time we would have figured out that war is all about you keeping yourself from getting killed while you kill someone else.

Mark Twain – the celebrated American author – wrote a most controversial short story/prose poem on the subject –The War Prayer – a must read:


Why am I so maudlin?

In the United States this past weekend marked the annual Memorial Day holiday weekend. A start of summer…long weekend…dedicated to retail sales events; BBQ; the beach…if it’s nice; the occasional parade with boy scouts, fire trucks and a few old men and the occasional, very occasional, memorial service.

Why am I so maudlin?

Maybe guilt – because I bought stuff on sale, sat on the beach, ate a big BBQ, watched the firemen and gave little thought to those who fell in war and those still in harm’s way, some of whom will become next year’s forgotten.

And there you have it. We have sold out for 20% off on denim pants while we seem to have learned little or nothing – in our 24/7, always-on world – about the futility of hatred.

Then I read the following and felt worse —

“When we say ‘War is over if you want it,’ we mean that if everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, we’d have peace.” -John Lennon

And there you have it – I too went for the TV set….lesson to self – not worth it….

What do you think?

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