Value Added

Value added. How many times have you, we, I used that short phrase?

Value added thinking.

Value added services.

Value added resources.

Value added people.

In our world—where clients often are competitors, where competitors often are partners and where pressure to deliver, more and always more, against price intensifies constantly—understanding value-added is key.

Check a Thesaurus, which is always interesting for me Look up value:

Importance; significance; usefulness; consequence; meaning

Apply the filter.

It Seems to me that often the word added is the driver and value (as in importance; significance, etc.) is secondary.

We add, no question, lots of stuff . And it’s not just us. I see it from other companies too. Again, the question is what is of value? Apply the filter.

All too often I hear clients dismiss others’ version of Value Added. “We do It” or “We have it” or “We don’t need it.” Ensure you have too.

I’ve also seen the opposite—when we really do bring Value (as in the filter) the results are magical.

So here is a rule to add to the filter:

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”
~Chinese Proverb

Clients value us when they know we have a beautiful song to sing—a song that Adds Value—and will lead to great solutions, they don’t value us just for adding it…


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