A few questions for you…

Did you ever think out of the box? How many times have you heard or used the cliché (I’m guilty for countless mentions….)? How many times do you think you have been successful in accomplishing “out of the box thinking?” What has kept you from success? What were the barriers?
Most important, what the heck does it really mean to “think out of the box?” What box??????? Where outside?

I recently heard a speaker on this subject. He made a comment that grabbed me. He said, though it’s not an exact quote, forgive me, “what’s the big deal about thinking out of the box; the box is a coffin, you don’t have any choice….”

WHOA! Ponder that. If you think in the box you are doomed—full stop. Thinking out of the box is nothing more and nothing less than survival, ergo, no big deal; no huge value add; no award deserving activity; no epiphany moment… you get the drift.

Our standard—plain and simple must be out of the box. Our vision must be elsewhere, far away elsewhere, like maybe out of site of the box.

Here is the thought, and it will be for the next couple of weeks: we need to leave the comfort of the neighborhood we are in—the neighborhood in close proximity to that famous box, which makes us comfortable and in our zone. We need to venture out: to explore; to roam; and to challenge ourselves and all that we know so long and so well.

Think about our earliest ancestors living in caves and timidly, venturing forth. At first, still in site of their homes, then as they got bolder further and further afield, they explored, tested, discovered and ultimately conquered their fears. Not all was that positive, but that is a topic for a political paper and beer……

The bottom line is leave the box behind as suggested by the following:

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
…Alvin Toffler

I guess you could say that “unlearning” keeps you from returning to the box—the coffin if you will—of the Vampire undead……….

Toffler and his wife have just written a new book worth reading and his previous works are already classics. Check out their company at http://www.toffler.com/

See you at the relearning center and bring some anti-vampire remedies……..

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