TV Dinners

TV. Television. Do you watch it? Or are you embarrassed to say you do? Instead, do you talk about streaming, PVR and DVR, time shifting, downloading and only then get to the rehashing of the latest “Idol”— in whatever country/language/format you happen to watch it.

Radio. Ah, radio. Remember that old fashioned medium? No doubt you listen to satellite radio; or Web radio; or radio over your IPod or Zune—none of us would admit to even having that ancient box—would we?

There you have it. Imagine if we didn’t have the Web – where would TV be? Or radio…?

The operative words are “watch” and “listen.” The bottom line that is still what we do. We watch and listen.

And what is it that we watch and listen?


And what kind of content?

See where I am going?

We are still caught up in the old fashioned argument of is it TV or Web delivered or magic. The bottom line (need a new cliché) at the end of the day…(Thank God for clichés) someone, somewhere, is writing, producing and distributing stuff we want to watch—stuff that many, many people want to watch.

I’m not talking about the 15mgs of fame that clog up our e-mails and populate You Tube and the like. I know, I know, some of it is really great, but those who are serious are looking for pay contracts so that they can really create and produce great programming that millions will watch.

It’s time we paid attention to what the difference is between a delivery channel and the things that fill it. Between media and content (McLuhan needs to be revised)…between what fashion tells us we should say and what we really do in our own private space.

Which of course leads me to a quote I saw this week:

Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?
~Al Boliska

So if it wasn’t for the Web we’d be bird watching? Or only reading books?

Or put another way:

If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners.
~Johnny Carson

Anyway, food for thought…

What do you think?

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