There are beginnings.

There are beginnings. There are endings. There are beginnings of the end, and I guess there are ends of beginnings. Given that, I have focused on beginnings for the last couple of weeks, and after today will move on.

What is clear about beginnings—however you define them—is they help you set a stake in the ground. They help create a benchmark and metric for success, and equally important, they area track for learning from failure. They help motivate. They delineate. And, as you move forward, they help you look back.

In fact, I would argue, this old proverb—“The beginning is half the whole”—is spot on.

But to end so cleanly and neatly seems too trite. Is life as simple as taking the train to a particular destination? Seems to me, more often than not, we can identify the start of something but rarely can we really see its finish. So often we complete a task only to find it’s just another start to something new— something we hadn’t even considered or thought of before.

All of which leads me to a great source for thoughts:

“Begin at the beginning….and go on till you come to the end: then stop”
Lewis Carroll (Adventures in Wonderland)

And, there you have it. Is there ever an end? I’d posit that we have many and diverse beginnings…but how many ends????????

What’s your take?

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