The Past

Did you ever go to a meeting with a set of facts, based on data points, grounded in metrics and discovered that others in the room had a different version of the outcome? Happens all the time.

I will bet you that it even happens in your personal life. You had a discussion, argument or whatever and what seemed like a clear slam dunk outcome to you was nowhere near the clear slam dunk outcome of the other person.

Why is that – and what can we learn?

I guess it begins with taxonomy – what constitutes a fact? How is it based on data? And if it is and there has really been only one outcome – how can there possibly be different versions?
Read this quote:

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. ~Napoleon Bonaparte

Whatever happens – even a second ago – is history – subject to interpretation – no matter how detailed you think your documentation is – no matter how ironclad you believe your “facts” are – no matter how bulletproof you think your metrics are.

So what is a person to do?

Create history…design a legacy…make sure the “facts” are seen through the lens of insight…don’t let history create you….

And by the way – all history is open to later revisionism – now what does that say?!

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