The Exponential Power

The exponential power of our Human social DNA multiplied by the ever-growing enablement of digital channels and new social/sharing applications is almost beyond comprehension.

Old news…

We all get that. And while we all use the channels for personal communications, we all struggle with how to use them commercially.

Truth is – as I have written before – the insight is simple – in fact Facebook is explicit in sharing this – “The Message is the Message” – like in a chemical reaction – the catalyst (read: application) doesn’t change the outcome – but it does enable it.

So I don’t mean to beat a dead horse – and if I do forgive me – but I read the following and thought it worth sharing for its real-time/real-world insight – applicable to everything we do online:

The article is called “The Limits of Cyber-Revolutions” and its subhead is “Public spaces, not virtual town squares, are still the places where uprisings are decided.”

I have been obsessed with the popular uprisings in the Middle East and the power that Twitter and Facebook brought to the “revolution.” And I have written about it and you, my good readers, have commented on it.

There is no question, in my mind at least, that if there were ever doubters regarding the staying power of Social Digital Applications – Tahrir Square is the ultimate proof of concept.

I still believe that.

But the point here is different than the exponential power of Human and Digital.  Way different in fact – and herein lies another deep insight.

Eric Goldwyn, the author of the piece, writes:

“The Internet is great at facilitating bonds among compatriots who wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable communicating openly and assembling a critical mass. But this concentration of like-minded people still exists in a silo, and the uninitiated might never find the hyperlink that leads them in.”

Further, he says:

“It takes physical space to connect revolutionary passions with daily life and, more important, the broader population.”

 And finally the biggest insight:

“When citizens unite in a square, a park, or along a scenic beachfront to demand reform, it creates an impossible-to-ignore spectacle that draws the attention of anyone nearby, not to mention those watching at home. Rather than containing them within its geographical boundaries, the patch of land where the protesters come together becomes the spot from which their passions radiate out to the country at large.”

Now read it this way – “Rather than containing them within the confines of Facebook or Twitter…”

What a powerful reminder of life and the three dimensions that we live in – at least.

Now listen:

“Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.”
 E. W. Dijkstra

Not to let you down – here is the horse to beat….

We need to be focused on the universe…nothing less…

What do you think?

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