The Crapification of Everything

“The crapification of everything”?


An improvement?

I’m still on the topic of 80/20 – Good enough….

There has been a lot of discussion – everywhere I’ve gone the past week – on this topic. And it has boiled down to this – What does BETTER really mean?

And most important, what does BETTER mean for any one of us – in our business – in our personal space – whatever/wherever?

One line of thought suggested that we take a good, better, best approach – have tiers of delivery – NO – in my opinion – wrong!!! Tiering suggests that one is better than the other – the gist of Good Enough – 80/20 – is it’s best for the task – different. Way different.

Listen carefully to this paragraph from the Wired article:

 “When asked why he thinks the Flip has succeeded where more powerful videocams—and even new Flip knockoffs from the likes of Sony—have failed, Pure Digital’s Fleming-Wood has an interesting answer: ‘I think it’s because we have a better product.’ What’s odd is that executives at Sony and Canon would likely say the same thing—after all, their models have far more features and often produce sharper images. But Fleming-Wood is using a different definition of ‘better.’ He now defines quality entirely in terms of ease of use—how easy it is to shoot and share the video. ‘The one thing everyone wants to do with their footage is show it to someone else,’ he says.”

See the point? A different definition of “BETTER.” Change the taxonomy – create a new lexicon – a language for a new world.

BETTER…needs to be defined by need, by opportunity – When a Global Consumer Brand, famous for its huge Hollywood Production, Million Dollar plus Epic TV commercials, discovers that $60K videos are pulling the same measurements as the Mega movies – if we ain’t asking questions and changing the view, we are brain dead.

Clearly this notion goes beyond business – BETTER – apply the thinking, see where it goes…

Listen to this:

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein

And there you have it – it’s a new game – learn the rules and play BETTER than anyone – but guess what – you can make the rules and define better – AND WHAT COULD BE BETTER?!!!!!

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