The Box

Harold Burson always answered his own phone. He encouraged us to do the same. “Clients pay to speak with you” – not with layers of gatekeepers…was his lesson.

Clearly – before you all jump – it’s not always feasible There are times when it is in your client’s best interest for you not to pick up. Having said that – it’s the service concept that is at the core here.

Follow the path. Hold on for a call from Mr. Sable – reminds me of telemarketing – stay on the line to hear an offer you can’t refuse….

Again – sometimes expediency requires a boost – a little nudge. And people understand – but ask yourself – hold on for…by the way politicians are brilliant at this in the United States – as they “dial for dollars” – that is look for donations they use a dedicated cell phone and call directly (doubt they punch the buttons). What sounds better – Hi David this is Barack or please hold on for Senator Obama – which one has the better “offer” and shows more human insight?

We are invited to customer/client events. We do the minimum and leave. Or we do the maximum and stay the course. Would you – if you went to a family event leave before the main was served or before the ceremony was completed? If it was your event would you be bothered? Be honest – and by the way this is no different – a relationship is a relationship.

Rank…as I’m a Supervisor and you are not – or they are a junior client and I am a more senior agency type – is also problematic when viewed through the lens of relationship. One – we can learn from everybody; two — people are people; three — and practical in today’s world – you would be surprised (maybe not) at who holds budget power. Bottom line it pays to be nice; is practical and a good strategy – if for no other reason….

Simply put the real insight here is simple and succinct:

Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.
~Italian Proverb

And there you have it. At the end of the day – in the dark – naked – not a lot of difference – is there?

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