The best laid plans…

I started the week in Brazil – Sao Paulo.

Left New York on Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning, having slept through the flight.

I always marvel at these trips…imagining what it was like one hundred years ago and more – a perilous journey, months of travel, no movies, no power ports for laptops. The only common factor being the bad food…

Spent a few amazing days meeting people – colleagues and clients – making new friends…eating really well…seeing great work and great thinking.

My next stop was the UK.

Again, as I drove to the airport, I reflected on the magnitude of flying across the ocean – then I got to the airport and was told that the Federal Police were on strike and that there was an estimated 2.5-hour-long line to get through passport control…so much for the marvels…

I again slept through a trip that was once the stuff of legends…the food was even worse…

Land in London…early even…no circling or waiting for a gate…only to find a slowdown at immigration…3 clerks stamping for a line of over 1,000 travelers…so it goes – a bookended journey.

I ran to the Heathrow Express (my favorite bit of travel advancement in the world – makes New York look like the 15th century…) took three beautiful trains from Paddington to get to a meeting at Stratford-Upon-Avon and then discovered (as I had been running so hard to make all the connections I was oblivious) that everyone was surprised I had landed because some volcano, somewhere, had erupted.

I spent two days in Will Shakespeare’s town working with colleagues and clients on a really cool project…watched the news…made the obvious jokes…but was sure I’d be back in New York on Sunday.

And, even, as I spent a beautiful London Day in Hyde Park on Saturday, I was sure that this would all “blow over” and I’d be home in New York for Sunday brunch – another travel miracle delivered…with bad food.

And here I am Sunday morning – lucky that my hotel extended my stay – and here I will be till next Sunday when I make my way to Seattle – imagine that trip back when…

Given that I was inspired by proximity to the Bard, where would I turn for inspiration but to him? Listen:

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

William Shakespeare

In a week of taking for granted the once impossible; in a week of iPad, new phones from Microsoft, wild technology from Ford and announcements and reports too numerous to mention…NEED I SAY MORE!

Time to smell the flowers….

What do you think?

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