The Bard

So what’s new under the sun after all? And guess how many beyond 50 – guys – I heard from…ecstatic to know that 50 was the new 30! Not sure how the younger generation felt though… So here I was ready to go off on another topic – mine a new vein – when I heard a radio report, this morning in fact. With great gravitas and weighty importance the reporter intoned the newly discovered “fact” that Internet shoppers have no patience or loyalty if they have a bad experience in a given web site.

WOW! What a revelation. What a concept. What news – clearly related to the new age of e-commerce and alternate channels…

WOW? Come on folks. What do we know about experiences? Good bad and indifferent… what is the cause and effect cycle? What is the loyalty framework? What motivates us to buy; to buy again and again or to switch brands – products; services and retailers?

WOW!!!!! Seriously, if ever there was an opportunity for us, our expertise, our philosophy, it is here and now. Clients want and need the knowledge of accumulated data points partnered with the wisdom of experience… of trial and error… of success, and yes, of failure. Most important, they need to be connected to their consumers, clients, users, buyers, customers. They need real life associations and linkages. They need insight! INSIGHT.

What they don’t need is sound bites taken out of context or snippets of thinking divorced from their source or the shallow veneer of new speak…

All of this leads me to a wonderful thought I saw this morning, for the first time, in my pique at the news report:

“Now we sit through Shakespeare in order to recognize the quotes”
Orson Welles

And there you have it. Lester is like Shakespeare…let’s perform the book…

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