Everything will be digital – nothing else will exist. Books will vanish. Newspapers and magazines will fade away. Brick and mortar stores will become extinct. Packaging will be virtual. Art will be projected, broadcast or streamed. Concert venues, movie theaters and sports arenas will be a relic of the past. And, advertising will die out.
Do you agree?

Is this a vision of the future utopia or is it an apocalyptic prophecy? Do we—does anyone really— believe this? Or, are we victims of Wall Street and short term profit takers who know how to move markets?

More important, what do you want? Look at the list and see. What makes sense? What doesn’t? What is really going to add value to your life? And, what, if anything, do you hope will never happen?

Here’s the starting point: today, nearly everything is digital in some way or another—or at least touched by digital technology.

From buying seasonal fruit at your favorite corner market, to learning about the latest fashion trends, to cheering for your favorite sports team, to crying over the latest and saddest exploits of your favorite celebrity, to enjoying the news, music, movies or books: digital technology has helped make the experience more immersive, bigger, more connected and easier to enjoy.

Digital technology has not replaced the experience, it has enhanced it, and that is, I believe, the mistake (or manipulation) that the market seems to make.

So here is a thought to chew on:

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.
~ E. W. Dijkstra

Have you ever star gazed…?

Time to take back the experiences…

What do you think?

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