Just How Much Are You Worth?

Just how much are you worth? You.  All of you.  In fact every last little bit of you. Let’s be clear—I don’t mean your net worth or your gross salary plus bonus… I don’t care about the value of your stamp collection or that old car you have been hanging on to or, in fact,…

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Here Today

Here today? Gone…?

Why do some business enterprises that last literally day…despite big hype and large hoopla…and others endure hundreds of years?

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You Too

Have you actually studied You Tube? Check out the numbers of people who have actually viewed most of the self-generated content and I think you will surprised…

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Do you agree?

“The Computer is a moron” so said Peter Drucker one of the great business thinkers of the last 100 years.

Drucker was interested in people who worked with their minds. He saw the growth of specialized thinking in society and the need to have that thinking cooperate and interact with other specialized thinking to drive real results and progress leading to exponential success for all.

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