7 Predictions From a Cloudy Crystal Ball

2017 and my first big post. Number one, and most importantly, welcome to a new year and a fresh set of possibilities and opportunities that could help us change the world. Clearly, we have all followed the overwhelmingly expressed social media view that 2016 was a bust with fear expressed for what 2017 might bring….

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Remember Cell Phones?

Do you remember cell phones? We used to use them to make calls…. Today we have smartphones.  We use them to communicate, but also to take pictures, consume content, play games, buy and sell stuff, find our way, store data and get advertised to…. We pontificate on mobile – it’s here! Its time has come!…

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What is it about trends that send us all into paroxysms of frantic activity? What’s worse is that the activity is usually of the catch-up variety, because once something has been identified as a trend, the train has already left the station. The best we can do is join the general bandwagon!

Think about it. Read the Wall Street Analyst reports. Check out the business section of your local newspaper or journal. Watch CNN Business. It’s almost frightening that the same people who brought us the “dotbomb” bubble are at it again – predicting, pontificating, forecasting and prophesising – graphing trends and hoping they’re not mere fads whilst ignoring the lowly users and buyers who scratch their heads in wonderment at it all.

Trends are funny things. When and where do they begin and when and where do they end? What makes something a trend versus a fad or a market force versus just the way things are? And if trends are how you make money, how do you get in early enough and out before it all falls off of the cliff?

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