A Minimalist View

A last thought on evolution and the development of ideas – at least for now… Read on.

Where does evolution begin? Forget the theatrics and the theology. (Often hard to tell them apart, n’est pas?) Where does an idea, or a thing, begin?

For example, when it became clear that cars were going to dominate the roads, most of the craftsman who produced whips and halters and such for the horse and buggy crowd went out of business. That is, all except for the really smart few who saw the transition as a next step and started producing car parts. In fact, the famous “Body by Fisher”, a staple component of GM cars for many years, began as a carriage manufacturer before the mechanized age.

Bill Gates has said that Microsoft has failed only when trying to change basic behavior, while attempts to enhance what we do are always successful.

The I-Pod (I love my new Nano…) is a direct descendent of the Walkman, while your mouse and keyboard are the latest in a long line of innovations that go straight back to cave paintings and rock carvings.

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