Simply Put

“It’s an eye chart but…” How many presentations have you been in where you have heard that excuse when introducing an idea or a concept? Or worse, where you have used it yourself!
Think about it – if it’s too complicated to show, think about how hard it is to explain; and then think about how it is even harder to understand, especially if you are hearing it for the first time. Then think about why clients have trouble “buying” what we sell. (Not that we should sell, but that is a story for another time…)

Imagine you are talking to a family member, or to a significant other, or to someone you wish would become your significant other. Then, imagine you are expressing your devotion—your eternal and everlasting devotion. Now imagine your words are so complicated that you had to explain everything…from your motivation…to your “real” meaning…to your desired outcome. Now imagine you did it all in PowerPoint and with “eye charts!”

The bottom line, I’m afraid, is that the “Lonely Hearts Club” would have huge membership!

I find our need to prepare “presentation decks” with multiple pages, complex charts, lots of bullets and long and longer sentences bizarre. It’s as if we and our clients have become addicted to a powerful narcotic.

Why do we fear exposing ourselves to pure discussion? Why don’t we embrace the “elevator idea”— the say it in 10 seconds way to throw an idea out for consideration, make it clear, short and relevant? Make me ask for more; make me want to hear more; make me want to get you to do more – and voila – you have the business outcome…

I believe we are rarely successful when we are being complicated. We all know great ideas cause you to hit your forehead and say “why didn’t I think of that!!!”

So here is the thought expressed as simply as I could find it:

“Simplify, simplify”
Henry David Thoreau

Now if that isn’t simple, I don’t know what is. By the way, I’m happy to send you the deck…not!!

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