There are really only a few weeks, at most, left for us to finish the year with the kind of flourish and style and big bang that we should. As I surfed around this weekend on the web (I wish in the real surf)… I looked up anecdotes told by famous professional sports figures relating to the pressure, stress and demands that are part of the game as the clock ticks down.

One of the recurring themes I discovered was personal superstitions that permeate the ranks of the pros—in all sports, all over the world—particularly related to winning and even more specifically related to final moments of games.

So I thought to share stories of not washing or showering, or for the guys not shaving; stories about spitting in corners and not shaking hands or even talking. There are also some stories that I might share with you over a drink or three, but I don’t think would pass through the corporate filter.

All of these stories had one theme of course—looking for ways to win; for an edge; for some magic that would propel the athlete and their teams over the top.

Then I found a quote from a great Baseball player that made me stop in my tracks:
“I have only one superstition. I touch all the bases when I hit a home run”
Babe Ruth

And there you have it. So as not to be too narrowly cultural, let me just say that the perception of hitting a “home run” is that you have accomplished a great feat and that the usual rules don’t apply. However, if you don’t follow the rules, it can bite you in the butt latter on and cause your victory to turn sour.

As we enter the final lap for 2006, even if you think you’ve hit a home run, apply practical superstitions like the Babe. Touch all the bases. Jump all the hurdles. Hit all the gates. It’s the details between now and December 31st that will help us finish the year as winners…

Not showering is up to you…….

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