Simplicity is all the rage. And although the principle of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – is as old as the hills, simplifying life is becoming a movement. Clearly we overcomplicated just about everything we can – if for no other reason than we can – if you see what I mean. We talk about the success of Amazon; we extol the virtues of Google, and yet creativity on the web, for example, has come to mean complexity…light; sound; motion…every application we can use – because we can.

What about share sites. The best are the simplest – you up-load; you down-load; you share. Yet in our own pursuit of sharing with clients we talk about Portals and all the bells and whistles that we can throw on it – why? Because we can.

Think on this. A simple phone call can create more opportunity to share than the most complex web site and if you really think about it, 7 year old kids seem to have little problem sharing anything…why can’t we?
Maybe we need 7 year old kids on staff…think about it – Forrester worships simplicity and directness.

Anyway, I loved the following and wonder what you think???

“I have a simple philosophy. Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. And scratch where it itches.”
~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

So here is may take on simplicity – scratch…

What’s your view?

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