Road To Truth

All results, good or bad, are tied to beginnings. All conclusions, outcomes and results are products of one beginning or another—new or otherwise. Not acknowledging a beginning—or not understanding the power inherent in any beginning—is an error that compounds upon itself as time rolls on and because of that effect, it is the kind of blunder that gets harder and harder to correct.

While there is rarely a direct line from start to finish (in a business like ours so dependent upon creativity; ideas; market whim), within the winding journey there are some clear and straight paths, and there always should be a visualized, unswerving path to a successful business outcome.

I quoted Seneca last week. Today let me move geographical regions and call on another favorite:

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way and not starting”
Prince Gautama Siddhartha

I talk more on beginnings and “going all the way” next week.

What’s your take?

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