Reality Bites HARD

Reality bites…hard…very hard.

This time, though, Reality is not relative; it’s not decided by cultural or social norms; it’s not linked to social channels or digital magic….

The Boston Marathon Massacre is a Reality defined by death; murder; terrible human destruction; terror; and at its core – hatred…pure and simple. This Reality bit and it bit very hard.

Yet, make no mistake. This is a Reality that is global – it’s a Generation World phenomena…it’s a Reality we have watched; read about and become inured to…until it bit us…up close and personal…but it’s the same Reality nevertheless.

How many of us have seen or read or heard about or even, sadly, experienced similar events in other parts of the world?

Schoolchildren murdered; wedding revelers maimed; policemen gunned down; holy places destroyed…we shake our heads and wring our hands – if even that…and somehow are thankful we don’t live in those places…until it happens where we are…again…

New York; Oklahoma; Seattle; Los Angeles; London; Paris; Moscow; Madrid – places we don’t associate with terror yet have all been victims – some multiple times.

Baghdad; Mumbai; Karachi; Cairo; Beirut; Jerusalem…these are some of the geographies that trip off our tongues as we deplore terror and its aftermath – but unless we live there or in the region, I’m afraid that our interest level and attention span is short and getting shorter.

Until it happens here – here being wherever we are…and it happens to people like us…close to us…people whom we can relate to in everyday cultural and social terms.

Let’s be clear – whatever makes us uniquely who we are…socially; religiously; nationally…whatever divides us geographically…whatever makes us unique by tradition – can often divide us…sadly…but hate for any of us comes from the same place…Listen:

“Hate is the father of all evil.” David Gemmell

Evil is a global Reality. It knows no boundaries; respects no laws; is not contained by fences or borderlines; has no prejudice, in that it often attacks its own.

Generation World…an outcome of our digital potential…has also given evil new and richer spawning grounds as our magic gets perverted…think Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars….

The Quest is on…

Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

What do you think?

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