Putting Up

“Simply the Best:” The theme for a Global Marketing Leaders Event organized last week by one of our clients. “Simply the Best” with a sub theme of “Great is never good enough.”

Speakers, workshops, discussion—all pushed to raise the bar, to intensify their thinking, collaboration and execution and to increase the value they add to their own organization.

The bottom line is that you can’t declare victory…ever…there is always room to grow; always something to learn; always some new mountain to conquer and envelope to push the edge of.

Which led me to the following thought:

“Put up with it and you will get more of it.”
~Lynne Deal

If you put up with poor behavior, with settling for what you have instead of going the final mile, if we let our clients and friends and significant others off the hook and worse if we let ourselves off the hook, we will get what we deserve…more of it….

Don’t put up with it. And, don’t let others put up with it…..

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