One cannot really exist without the other.

Purpose without task is mere dreaming.

Task without purpose is meaningless labor.

My friend Sam, who inspired this Ramble, spent the day at the Disney Institute in Orlando. It’s an amazing place where the magic of Disney meets the reality of corporate need. Check this out:


Now I am a sucker for Disney magic, but even Harry Potter’s wand waving requires a lot of hard preparatory work, and Disney is no exception.

I won’t go into all the details – spend some time on the website to get a taste of it – but I will share the notion of Purpose and Task – core to the Disney philosophy.

Here is how it works.

Everyone has a task. Someone empties the trash and someone is the CEO. All very clear and differentiated. But – all believe in the same purpose. No matter your rank, level, task complexity or whatever the purpose remains the same. Never changes – no matter how many times your task might.

So if the purpose of Disney is to create a magical experience for all its ”guests” – and even if my task has nothing to do with garbage – my belief in, adherence to, and full and unconditional acceptance of that purpose requires me to pick up any garbage I might see as I stroll the grounds.

Knowing our task – although not always as clear as we’d like it to be – is relatively straightforward. Believing in our purpose is not always so easy – in fact, knowing it and understanding it – where belief begins – is often the most difficult and confusing.


The secret of success is constancy of purpose.-

Benjamin Disraeli


We can change tasks, move up the ladder, do new things, add new value – but we have to remain true to our purpose.

Ask yourself what is your purpose – in life, in business, in relationships, in the world. Then see how you support that purpose and make it come alive…as in what task….

Do you know your purpose? Have you matched tasks to the bigger picture?

What do you think?

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