Perspective. So easy to lose. So important to have. So hard to find.

Da Vinci was the master of perspective and I have quoted him and shared my near-religious experience with The Last Supper in Milan:

But – I imagine even Leonardo had his off days when some pissed-off Milanese yelled — “There goes the Goddamned graffiti guy.…”

Sadly my lack of motivation comes from severely prosaic sources. A meeting with a client on strategies for effectiveness that ends with “so how much will you drop your rates?”; a discussion on following rules for a presentation on high-level strategy and creativity; a colleague who uses a cc list like Facebook to stir the pot – and on and on….

Prosaic? A fancy word for mundane, dull and boring. Beyond banal. In the grand scheme of the world, a tempest in a teapot is like the perfect storm.

And then it happens. An event – so everyday on one hand and so miraculous on the other – renews your faith and reminds you of what is really important and what really counts.

The above is my long-winded way of sharing that I have become a grandfather – for the second time. I now have two grandsons and they are blessed to have four great-grandparents – beyond the usual array of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from all sides.

What a blessing and yes, what a miracle a little life like that is. So full of promise: opportunity with a future rolling out before him like a field of virgin snow.

And here is where perspective doesn’t just return – it roars in – overpowering the ordinary, painting the colorless in a riot of shades and hues and tints, and striking a blow to banality wherever it rears its ugly and boring head.


There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit – and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.

Virginia Kelley

And there you have it – next time you feel disconnected, put upon, mired down – find a baby to hold – and imagine what they might do with their life our world.

Talk about perspective!

By the way – Virginia Kelley is Bill Clinton’s mom.

What is your View?

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