People are people

Have you ever been optimized?

Have you ever been dynamically served?

Have you ever been experientially immersed?

Yes, folks, people do speak like that – and I imagine that the 2020 version of Mad MenDigital Guys – will make fun of the latest iterations of “ad speak.”

However, I will indulge my cynicism on our lingo and jargon another time.

Today I will direct my cynicism at the notion that we can affect mass movement by simply allowing computer rules to direct our conversations.

Now before you jump down my throat – trust me, I get it – dynamic optimization and immersive experiences are what make our world so exciting.

But hear me out:  What limits us – in what might be a world without limits – is our belief that going digital somehow erases the human element in marketing.

Fact – if I were to add up all of the percent increases in sales, sign-ups, click- throughs, opt-ins, cross-sells, up-sells, whatever – that I see presented in a week by the latest and greatest engines, algorithms and such – there would nothing left to sell as we have all been maximized to buy it all by our computers.

What is missing is the human element. We are a messy race – unpredictable, capricious, subject to violent mood swings, sudden changes of mind, spontaneous and illogical behavior (ah, SPOCK!!).  In short – there is a limit to what you can predict about my future behavior because you are crunching a bunch of numbers….


People are people, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day – even hour to hour.

Elizabeth Moon

So there you have it –

Next time someone tries to sell you digital optimization – ask them what they know about people…about you…it changes second by second….

It’s called insight – by the way.

What do you think?

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