Pearls before…

With only a few weeks to go till the end of the calendar year – boy did it go fast! – I thought I’d share some quotes that I had stockpiled for the right occasion and just never got around to using. Someone once taught me that everything we do must be done to perfection; it’s just that we can’t do everything.

Think on it, And think of the number of times you have felt you have taken on too much. Sometimes you feel obligated by relationship; other times it’s a sense of accountability; and often we feel pushed or forced. The problem is too often good intentions become poor performance and poor performance leads to eroding relationships and the very reason we got into the fix in the first place –relationships – become the first casualty.

What to do – maybe follow the words of the famous philosopher……

“You never eat more than you can lift”
Miss Piggy

What do you think?

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