We IM and BBM

We IM and BBM. We Tweet. We Blog. We SMS and MMS. E-mail. V-mail. We video conference and Halo. We publish our views and our take on the news. Scream about our right to privacy…but we let it all hang out. We start rumors, correct them, and then start new ones. We forward nonsense and complain when we get spammed. We talk about interactivity but really mean what I send you.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears

Lions and Tigers and Bears…OH MY!!!! With all due respect to the Wizard of Oz (for those who recognized my cultural reference and nod to my favorite movie), I am only going to deal with the LIONS.

And what Lions! These kings of the jungle are not the man-eaters of leonine mane, immutable force and fetid breath, or the Disney version that teaches us life lessons and inspires us to personal greatness. Rather, these are the Cannes Lions, a particular species of the great cat, found only once a year, anywhere in the world…and then only on the Cote d’Azur in Cannes. And while you might argue that they represent a culture with killer instincts, these Lions are inanimate, exist in gold and silver, and are about inspiration and learning and maybe, just maybe – this year – also about what’s next.

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Ever hear this joke?

Ever hear this joke? Three advertising people are sitting in a meeting – a fourth walks in and asks, “Is anything all right?”

Ok – not much of a joke – more ironic I guess – but frankly true to the mark – not just about our business – to be fair – more of a state of the environment today.

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Be Wary

Don’t believe your own BS – we all know that idiomatic turn of phrase.

It’s what happens when we get too caught up in selling, in personal agenda, in preaching.

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This weekend our colleagues in the United States celebrated Memorial Day, a national holiday dedicated to those who have died in all the wars fought by the USA since 1776.

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The Economy

The economy. The social fabric of the world. Disease. War. Hate. Water. Global warming. The environment. Slavery. Poverty. Piracy. Kidnapping. Intolerance.

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Inertia. You know the Universal Law that keeps us moving blindly or sitting dumbly. Among its definitions are apathy, torpor, lethargy and even disinterest.

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Shock Treatment

Many of our friends and colleagues are celebrating Holidays centered on renewal and rebirth, while in a good portion of the world nature is doing the same.

Yet all one has to do is look at the news to see how jaded we have become to suffering and death, in direct contradistinction to what the season (religious or physical) is telling us.

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So where does the notion of accountability and integrity meet up with real-life deliverables? By that I mean, it’s all well and good to speak of the need for ethics and morality, but how many times have we seen poor behavior excused because the perpetrator was “talented” or important to the business or some such?

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You either have integrity or you don’t

You either have integrity or you don’t. Seems most, if not all, of us are in agreement. And integrity and accountability crawl, walk, and run hand in hand. Again, I’d say, based on your comments, that we have a fair degree of concurrence on this point.

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Nothing Else Matters

Integrity has struck a chord. A deep chord it seems. And it does seem that there is consensus about the notion that integrity and accountability go hand in hand.

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