The marketing battlefield is littered with the bones of “elegant” strategies that translated into brilliant creative, that won big awards, that drove no business, that caused the client to change agencies, and you know the rest….

We all know examples. In fact, the casualty rate has increased over the past few years. And it is getting worse.

Getting worse? In the age of digital communication? In the era of the Internet? With all the data, all the information, all the tracking and analytics… Tell me it ain’t so!!!!

The bottom line – if you don’t begin with the business outcome; if you don’t stay single mindedly focused on the business outcome; if you don’t tie your success to the business outcome… then why should there be one?

One of my favorite sources – a man known for “business outcomes” –
put it best:

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
~Sir Winston Churchill

And there you have it. The strategy might be beautiful but if it isn’t driving results maybe try a working strategy…..business outcomes….


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