Not Embarrassed to Say…

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Have you read all the books?

Seen all the movies? Including the newest?

Played Quidditch…?

Seriously – I am not embarrassed to say that I am.

I enjoyed the books; have seen the movies…not the new one yet…but I will.

And while I haven’t played Quidditch, I do say “STUPEFY” every once in a while….

And I’m sad that with the last movie being released now the franchise comes to an end – sort of – although much like The Lord of the Rings and such I imagine – and hope – that my great-grandchildren will find it new for themselves.

Now the truth is that Harry has always been in my presentation/speech repertoire. I have used the books as an example of how “truths” that have become holy – for example, that kids don’t read – are based on a lack of observation, and while that may be true for books with poor content – the lines around the world to buy the Harry Potter books as they came out, and their continuing success, points to the power of great writing and the ability to still ignite imaginations with the right stuff…if you will.

Yet my Ramble is not about the books or the movies or the industry that surrounds them – it’s about the author J.K. Rowling, who has been a source of inspiration to me since the first book rolled out.

You all know the story – and if not… it’s worth knowing. Poor single Mom – had an idea – pursued it – and the rest – as they say – is history.

She had an idea. She pursued it. She had no money – it didn’t stop her – but rather motivated her – and we all know the results.

Think about this – how often do we allow ourselves to be held back by budgets, by lack of resources, by other barriers that we deem insurmountable?


“Lack of money is no obstacle.  Lack of an idea is an obstacle.”
Ken Hakuta

All it takes is an idea. A real idea. A powerful idea. An idea that inspires. An idea that motivates. An idea that leads to more ideas.

How often do we lament our inability to get there because of the obstacles? It didn’t stop Ms. Rowling…

Time to understand that ideas transcend and trump all. If you have a real idea you have already destroyed the obstacles. All of them.

So go enjoy the movie – I can’t wait – I’m going with my daughter and my soon-to-be son-in-law…both big fans like me…

But as much as you enjoy – learn.

What’s your take?

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