More on Perspective

More on perspective.

I still marvel at the exponential benefits of having two grandsons. Seriously, just the thought of them brings a smile to my being and light to any situation. Frankly, nothing could be more important…to me.

Now having said that – nothing is perfect and I have no doubt that sooner or later – and my sense is sooner – some situation will arise where even conjuring up my best-stored moment of being with them will not be enough to alleviate some cloud or, worse, a full-fledged storm.

So there I will be – pissed off, angry, depressed, whatever – or, worse, there you will be in the same situation – having failed to materialize the type of feeling I have been writing about, and I will become the subject of your wrath and ire as you wonder why the hell you listened to my Pollyanna, New Age drivel.


Before of either of us loses faith – understand the truth – life is messy, work is messy, reality is messy – it’s not a manic rollercoaster as some would deem it – but it is messy.

Life has its ups. It has its downs and it has its straightaways. Its scenic routes and its drives past the toxic dumps, where you need to keep the windows rolled up and the air on internal recycle.

But so long as you’re still driving…seems to me you are ahead of the game.  So here is a thought…


Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Robert Frost

Take it as it comes. Make the most of every opportunity – grab them in fact. The deeper you can make the moment, the more you can connect to it – the longer it lasts beyond its time and place.

So even when nothing looks like it’s going right (and I had a couple of those last week) and your perspective seems to be lost – dredge a little deeper – or hold on just a little longer and when you have it – dig deep!

What’s your view?

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