More on Facebook

More on Facebook.

Or should I say more on friends and friendship.

A week after the IPO – maybe one of the more contentious – not just biggest in the history of Wall Street – fingers are being pointed – every which way; lawsuits are being filed; the second guessers are second guessing and other than those who got rich no one seems particularly happy. Read more on this here.

One of the most ironic centers of blame – if you will – is the computer system at Nasdaq…which was inundated with orders and cancellations – and that some at Facebook blame for its lackluster performance – however Nasdaq swears it had no impact on the trading price of the shares – but imagine that – a computer system being blamed in the age of digital….do wonders never cease!

So what can we learn? Not just about the way markets work – but about ourselves and our world…

Number one – it seems to me – Facebook didn’t really know who their friends were. They assumed that having a billion people on their platform created one big like and that one big like would have an exponential effect on their stock price…HMMMMM

As people; as marketers; as friends – we should all know better by now. A mili-second click on a thumbs up does not a friend make – remember my question from last week – one thousand friends and who will pick you up at the airport.

So Facebook learned you can claim friendship of all or too all but in the end…listen:

“A friend to all is a friend to none.”

Old wisdom – but true and note to self – understanding that is what makes relationships real.

Beyond that lesson I’d say there was at least one more and when I saw the following quote I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry at its simple truth – particularly as applied to Facebook…listen:

“Friendship and money: oil and water.”
Mario Puzo

LOL!!!! If nothing else describes the entire story around this epic IPO – Puzo of Godfather fame – nailed it right on the head!!!!!

If you don’t share…are you really my friend? THUMBS UP!!!!

What do you think?


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