Millions long for immortality

Fame and fortune. Your name in lights. Stardom!

Who doesn’t want a shot at it?

The question is how do you achieve it?

Some people just seem to have the knack for it; others work hard at it; there are those that actually earn it; some stumble into it; and others pursue it forever and never achieve it.

Think Paris Hilton for the knack; think Madonna for the hard work; think Captain Sully Sullenberger as one who deserves it; think Susan Boyle as the stumbler; and the ground is littered with the remains of those who have tried – and tried hard – but never achieved it.

So you have to ask yourself which model do you think will get you where you want to be – in your personal life as well as your business one.

Do you want to spend all your time working for it and maybe never achieving it? Would you rather do what comes naturally and reap the rewards of satisfaction for a life well lived and a job well done and if you happen to stumble on celebrity…take it as an added and unexpected benefit?

To bring it to a business outcome – look around you and see where are we the most successful? Where are our best engagements and relationships?

Be honest…

Now Listen:

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Susan Ertz

Seems to me that we are all at our best when we “Take Care of Business,” meaning deliver on our commitments, meet expectations and supply results. Sometimes that means doing the basics before we can get to the really “cool” stuff that seems more glamorous and alluring.

The problem we have is when we rush into promises and commitments that carry the assurance of immortality but we neglect to remember that we still have to put our shoes on – one at a time.

Make that rainy Sunday radiant…despite the gloom, and you won’t have to long for immortality – it will begin to look for you.

What’s your view?

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