Mike Tyson

3-year plans. 5-year strategic road maps. Long-term thinking… We do them; we write them; we do our best to stick to them – and then…

BAM! Reality hits – think back a year – would any of us have really predicted today’s economic and business environments?

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry….” So said (in Scottish) Robert Burns – and I have to thank Daniel Morel for sharing this quote and the next as inspiration for my Ramble this week.

So what does this mean – we don’t plan? We don’t think long-term? We just muddle along – go with the flow – leave it all to Karma and Kismet?

When I was in the Army (as was Daniel, with the same experience), we were taught in our strategy planning course – that all plans were merely a platform for change. But let me tell you that platform was solid.

And there you are…

The idea is to marshal resources; know yourself and your environment; build confidence; compile data and open communications channels and links. The idea is also not to get locked into anything – remain fluid, nimble, think on your feet and be confident.

And here is where it gets interesting – if you have built all that up – you still have a plan – just a different one than you began with, and no doubt a different one than you will end up with.

And, as experience has taught all of us – it’s when it all hits the fan that it all goes awry…


“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”
~Mike Tyson

If you follow Mike – and if you have followed the story of his new movie


then you know he had no platform – when he got punched – really punched, he fell apart – it all went awry…

Build that platform; think big; don’t be afraid to change and change again, and when you get punched – and you will get punched – nothing will ever stop you.

What’s your take?

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