Marxist Philosophy

Marxist Philosophy – “Fruit flies like a banana.”

OK… so it’s Groucho Marx and you need to see the whole quote for it to make even marginal sense:

But in quoting it, I imbued it with some deeper and broader meaning that spoke to me – and maybe, hopefully to you…or not.

All of which, when added to the season that many of our colleagues celebrate with their respective (and actually linked) Holidays, led me to be introspective and ask in the tradition of one of the traditions – “Why is this quote better than any other quote?”

Or to broaden it – what do any of the aphorisms, sayings, adages or maxims that so permeate our presentations and discussions really mean? Can they be actionable? Will they change anything we do? Will they affect you or me in any meaningful way? You get the picture.

Truth is – who the hell knows? But I do believe that there is a major difference between slogans and ideas; clichés and values; words and a way of life.


There’s a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.Charles M. Schulz

And there you have it.

Philosophy is a viewpoint – a place of departure – a way to drive a stake in the ground – see Ludwig Wittgenstein or Georg Hegel, among others.

A bumper sticker looks great on your rear, is only seen by others, and at the end of the day is left in the parking lot.

So first – Happy Holiday to all who celebrate and a great week to everyone else!!


What’s your view?

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