Lester Wunderman will be 89 years of age today!

Lester Wunderman will be 89 years of age today. I say of age because to suggest, somehow, that he is 89 years old – puts way too much emphasis on the word old and may give the wrong impression to some who still, sadly, think in a linear fashion.

So while time does pass in a chronological order – we humans live our lives in any sequence we so choose – meaning that if I choose the Peter Pan route that is my prerogative and if I make myself prematurely serious and aged that too is my choice.

Now here is the thing. Lester knows more about the true workings of the Internet than anyone I know; his conceptualizations of where digital media is going, can go – is the stuff of science fiction – except its real; and his visualization of what he calls personal advertising might just be our next frontier.

And, there you are – of age – of accumulated wisdom and experience – of deep understanding and empathy – of life.

I am blessed to have Lester as a mentor and Lester and his dear wife Sue as cherished and beloved friends.

And, we are all blessed to be able to learn from him; his never ending font of knowledge and his goodness.

And, we can also learn a critical life lesson from Lester as well.


It takes a long time to become young.
Pablo Picasso

And, there you have it – would that we all had his insatiable curiosity; his ability to connect esoteric dots and his sheer humanity – not to mention the energy – don’t forget the energy!

On his birthday – I wish him continued youth and I wish us all to be so young as well,

Let’s all wish Lester a Happy Birthday by showing the power of direct in its newest form.  Tweet your birthday wish for Lester.  Or RT those of others.  Lester was always a trend-setter.  Include #wman in your tweet.

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