Jumping on Tables

Do you reach out? By that I mean do you scour the Wunderman Network, the WPP Network, or the world for help; new ideas; challenging thinking, innovation, recipes, or expertise? Why not? We cover the world no? My point is this: if you break the axle on your car, you bring it to your friend the car mechanic. Yet if (heaven forbid) you break a leg, I would certainly hope that no matter how good a friend the car mechanic is and no matter how well he fixed your car, you would find the best doctor to attend to your need.

Last week The Wunderman Network participated in the “Marketing Forum,” an important conference sponsored by Forrester, pre-eminent authorities on Internet usage and behaviour.

The Conference was focused on customer behaviour and Lester Wunderman was one of the keynote speakers. It was hugely well received and another proof point to Forrester that we are the leaders in RM. More on this soon…

One of the more interesting presentations at the event was one of its analysts ripping apart some Web sites and praising others. Forrester has a particular format for analysis and follow a fairly rigorous so it reports “apples to apples” comparisons.

What grabbed me was its assessment of a particular company, Lenscrafters, and its praise of the company that was accountable, Tribal DDB.

You see Tribal got credit – not for owning the site – but for managing 18 different partners who all contributed some expertise from design to metrics to off line retail integration. The key to Forrester was not just the Tribal work but the fact that they had reached out and had mechanics and doctors all doing what they do best.

As I reviewed my notes, later that evening, I came across the following:

No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.
Fran Lebowitz

Too often we jump on the table and get caught without having anything to say or add. Learn from Forrester and Tribal – it’s not about owning it all. It’s about being the smart visionaries at the centre. Do that and we can jump on any table and hold our own.

What do you think?

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