Jesse James

I am guilty. Boy, am I guilty. I often feel like the infamous Jesse James of American Old Wild West legend and lore. I have an itchy trigger finger. The Mobile Device is out of the holster and the e-mails… flying faster than the eye can see…

As a follow up to last week, I decided to go “true confessions”—the trials and tribulations of social networking as expressed through the e-mail channel. If you have been following, there is a whole new school of management thought and potential best practice that says sit on your e-mails, don’t answer right away, or at all.

Imagine that? I’m in a dead sweat just thinking of holding back. Like a drug addict going cold turkey…

What’s the point?

One is expectation. Answer too quickly all the time, and soon the adrenalin rush keeps you up all night just waiting for a chance to answer something, or the expectation of your quick as lightening response hurts you the first time you don’t or are unable. Or worse, you are expected to answer before the question is even asked…go figure!

The second is accuracy. Refer to last week. What is the danger of reacting too quickly? Personally, I have a half a dozen “why did I do that” stories. At least, are we giving anyone our best value add by pulling the trigger before we think?

The third is opportunity cost. Again, refer to last week. How much time do we waste by emulating the outlaws of yester-year. How many needless people read and react and thus by implication demand answers…you get the point.

For an answer, I decided to leave the North America of the 1800s and look to France of the late 1600s and early 1700s and to one of my favorite sources who I believe would have been amazing blogger and social network aficionado, in fact he was!

When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.

And there you have it. Wait. Think. Confirm. Act. It can be a holy experience.

As I said, I write this for myself, and as much as I love the image of the two gun holster and the quick as lightening draw, look where Jesse ended up…..

Wait…I just got an e-mail — HELP

What do you think?

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